Hridsko Lake in a secluded Prokletije mountain

According to belief, this beautiful mountain lake located in a secluded Prokletije mountain chain was proclaimed as healing land by fairies long ago.  Even today in the Plav region, girls and women are visiting the lake and leaving pieces of jewelry with prayers to the fairies for happiness. It is believed that bathing in this lake brings women beauty, health and fertility.

Hrid (Hridsko) Lake or as they also call it Rid Lake (Ridsko) is located on the northeast side of Prokletije mountain chain near the Albanian border. It is located between the peaks of Little and Big Rid, and below the peaks of rugged terrains named Rid stone (2,358 m), which is believed to be named after.

The lake can be reached from the direction of Plav, which is only about 18 km away.

During the summer days when the water level is lower, the lake is about 290 m long, and the maximum width is about 175 m. If you decide to walk along the lake shore, there is about 1.5 km waiting for you.

Of the numerous Montenegrin mountain lakes this one is located at the highest altitude of 1,970 meters. It is surrounded by conifers, which is why the lake is painted a lovely shade of green. The water is very clear, which explains its exceptional purity.




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