Karampana Fountain in Kotor Old Town

According to one legend about the origin of Kotor, the mighty emperor Stefan has originally began to build the city into a big pit above today’s Kotor. However, a fairy talked him out of his plan, and taking her advice he has built the city near the bay.

When the city was completed, the emperor has organized a feast and invited many distinguished guests and the fairy who wisely advised him. But sadly, he made a huge mistake when he began to brag about what a beautiful city he built, without mentioning the merits of this fairy.  The fairy was very offended by such selfish gesture, and out of revenge poisoned all the water sources in the new town of Kotor, sent all the feast guests to madness. When he saw what he had done, the emperor started to beg the fairy for forgiveness, and she finally took the pity and delivered the guests from insanity, and has left only one source of drinking water in the whole Kotor.

In Kotor there really was only one source of drinking water, which was located in the Old Town, where the residents of Kotor drew drinking water. This fountain is known as Karampana, and on the same named Piazzetta, where women who carry water (known as ‘vodarice’ or water-carriers) were gathered, who distributed water to palaces and mansions.

The current Baroque appearance of Karampana, with finely designed wrought iron railings, dates back to 17th century.




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