Tale about Mogren beach, Budva

According to tales, the Mogren beach near Budva got its name from a certain ship wrecker named Mogren, who was washed on the shore of this beach, as the only survivor from a sunken Spanish galleon. In gratitude, the surviving sailor has built the church of St. Anthony in the hinterland of this beach.

The church can be seen in this old postcard of Mogren from the 30’s of the last century.

The church was dedicated to the Catholic saint St. Anthony of Padua, and it was visited by the believers from Budva on St. Anthony’s day, which is celebrated on the 13th of June each year. Locals come to Mass by boats, and as remembered by old Budva natives, there was a custom that swimming season did not start before the St. Anthony’s day.

Unfortunately, this church has not been preserved because shortly after World War II and the arrival of Communist Party in the former Yugoslavia, it was demolished and converted into a restaurant.

Source: Budva from myth to reality, by Vlado Đ. Duletić




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